Things to Do at All Hands Subic Beach Resort

If you’re craving for a beach getaway, one wonderful option would be All Hands Subic Beach Resort. It’s a family-friendly place that’s located between the Subic Airport and the Subic Container Terminal. The best part about it is the crystal clear beach is just a few meters away. There are a lot of things to do here too including:


Along with a friend, you can do kayaking. Even if you’re a good swimmer, you must wear a life vest especially if you plan on going far into the ocean. After doing this activity, there’s no doubt you’ll be very hungry because it’s great exercise. Don’t worry though, because you can feast on fine food selections at their restaurant after it.

Banana Boat

If you brought your whole family along, the banana boat would be an awesome idea. For those not familiar with it, you’ll be many people riding a banana shaped boat whilst getting pulled by a speedboat. The speedboat will test your courage by switching its speed to fast then slow then fast again.


Perhaps the most obvious one is swimming. Of course, you’ll need to be in proper swimming attire whilst taking a dip in the sea. No matter how much you’d want to explore, you must also check the depth of the sea as you wouldn’t want to wander too far at a place where nobody can see you.

There’s no question you should spend your next vacation at All Hands Subic Beach Resort. There’s also free WiFi at the coffee bar, so you can update your social media accounts. Parking isn’t a problem too as there’s a 24-hour parking area that’s always guarded. Best of all, you can bring outside food and drinks as they won’t charge a corkage fee for that. What are you waiting for? Talk to one of their friendly customer service representatives today to make a reservation.