Tips to Make Excellent Use of Your Time Lapse Camera

Tips to Make Excellent Use of Your Time Lapse Camera

Time-lapsing is not as simple as it seems. You need the proper subject, the proper setup, and a lot of patience to make sure everything works correctly. The truth is, using a time-lapse camera requires a ton of research and you need to test techniques and take on the methods of different experts. Of course, there are ways to make this simpler. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Have a Concrete Plan

As with any photography project, we always suggest creating concrete plans for yourself. You need to create the scenario you want before even shooting it.

Let’s take it that you want to take a video of the moon going up and setting down. To do so with your time-lapse camera, you would want to get lunar schedules, weather reports, and a location that gives you a good chance to see its light. Planning is as good of a tool as a high-class camera, even better to some degree.

  • Do Something Else

Another tip is to make sure that you have something to pass the time. The thing about time-lapsing is that it takes an inordinate amount of time, depending on the length of the video that you want to take. At most, it could take up to half a day to take. When doing so, make sure that you have all bases covered.

  • Pack Properly

The bare minimum should be a camera, tripod, a hardware intervalometer if you have to, food, water and any way to entertain you. It sounds beautiful, but this method is painstaking. It’s going to bore you to wait for hours, so you would want to relax and do something else with the camera.

  • Invest in a Sturdy Tripod

Investing in a heavy, sturdy tripod is also a good way to work using a time-lapse camera. While you may want a lightweight carbon tripod, a heavy attachment allows your camera to stay in place even without equal footing. Your camera should remain in the same position to get the same shot every time for the next two hours.

If you have a flimsy tripod or it’s just too light, winds can shake the take and make you redo everything at the end of the shoot. If you really have no time to get a heavy tripod, set it on the sturdy ground with stable stones. You can check out time-lapse cameras in Melbourne for more information.