What You Must Ask a WordPress Developer

If you’re a blogger using WordPress, you shouldn’t be contented with the theme you used. It’s no secret you’ll get more traffic coming to your website if you hire a WordPress developer to improve its looks. Of course, you shouldn’t decide right away due to the number of developers in the country. Some even offer their services online. You must be careful in hiring a developer, so you must ask these questions:

How long have you been creating WordPress websites?

He should have been creating WordPress websites for at least a year. It wouldn’t be a smart idea to hire a person who just finished a short course. There’s no doubt you’ll feel more confident when you let an experienced developer improve the looks and functionality of your website. It will only be a matter of time before you’ll feel proud to show it to your friends and peers.

Can I see samples of your past projects?

To get a feel of how a WordPress developer works, you must ask to see his past works. Once you like what you see, you’ll feel confident in his capabilities. There’s no doubt you’ll feel he’s the best person to work on your blog.

Can you create a mobile version?

Most smartphone users access the Internet using their mobile devices. Therefore, it would be a big advantage if the developer can come up with a mobile version that also looks great. You must ask to see a preview of the mobile version. Besides, you should be concerned when you find out your blog or website looks great on laptops but doesn’t look good on mobile phones.

There’s no question you’ll get favourable answers to all those questions when you hire a highly experienced Brisbane WordPress developer. You can be sure he will be thoroughly dedicated to making your website as good as possible. He’ll also make sure all your site visitors will have no problem accessing all the features of your site.